Almond nails - Pros

The pros of this nail choice are again similar to the oval shape. However, due to the wonderfully tapered design, it makes the nails look significantly more narrow and far longer. It is an attractive style that looks classy and this explains why it’s so popular with Hollywood’s elite.

Almond nails - Cons

Do you have incredibly strong nails? If not, then this type of nail shape will certainly need to be properly reinforced. You can do this with either an acrylic or a gel so make sure that you ask your manicurist about this possibility. This is necessary because the structure is weak, due to the sides being filed off to reach that perfect point.

Almond nails - Pictures

Almond Nails 1
Photo: Almond Nails 1
Almond Nails2
Photo: Almond Nails 2
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Sept 16, 2017