The 5 Basic Nail Shapes

When you get your nails manicured, there are a number of decisions that you are faced with. Arguably one of the most important is the nail shape. Certain nail shapes are most suited for specific types of fingers. As well as this, each type has both pros and cons for style and of course, practicality.
It’s also a personal preference. Some people love the natural look of oval nails and others would like a slightly sharper almond point. So, what nail shape should you choose? To explore the answer to this question, we’re going to look at the different types of nail shape, in turn, exploring pros and cons.

A Simple Nail Shape Comparison

The 5 Basic Nail Shapes
Photo: A Simple Nail Shape Comparison

Square Nails

Square are perfectly suited for those that have wide nail beds. You’ll get this shape if you opt for the classic and ultra sophisticated french manicure.

The type of shape is ideal for those with longer nails as it is often used to draw attention to the length of the nails. Shorter nails can appear stumpy with this design. Similar to the stiletto, this shape is highly fragile. As such, it can only be achieved with acrylics. Preview the actual pictures of square nails

Oval Nails

The oval nail shape has a curved edge, rather than being too pointed. The curve is completely blunted and is perfect for anyone who wants longer nails. It’s a classic look, although compared to others quite plain. This type of nail is ideally suited for those girls with wide nail beds and nails that are strong. The reason for this is that the shape makes them appear wider. Oval nails - Pros and Cons, Pictures

Almond Nails

Do you want to look like a celebrity? The almond shape is very popular with the ladies of Hollywood. Similar to the oval shape the nail is slender and perfect for longer finger nails. The shape is wide at the base and comes to a point at the peak, resembling the nut that it is named after. Almond nails - Pros and Cons, Pictures

Coffin Nails

Often also referred to as ballerina's nails, these are ideally suited for the long nails. However, the bed of the nail can differ and be both narrow and wide. The shape gets its name from the typical style of a coffin. The point of the nail is flat with the edges filed into a straight line to reach the curved base.

According to, this nail is favored by up and coming reality star Kylie Jenner. Coffin nails - Pros and Cons, Pictures

Stiletto Nails

If you love sharp nails, you should definitely consider the stiletto nail. It’s not as similar to almond as most people tend to think. The nail is brought to a sharp point at the peak, sharper than a stiletto heel. It’s a powerful style that you often see on older women. Stiletto nails - Pros and Cons, Pictures

Acrylic Nail Shapes

If you are exploring the possibility of getting acrylic nails, you might want to look at some of the different shapes perfectly suited for this type of nail. We have already discussed one with the stiletto style, but there are a few others to consider.

Duck Or Flared Nails

An incredibly unique design, duck nails are very wide acrylic nails. These nails are far wider at the tip rather than at the nail bed. According to, they’re fantastic for skilled nail art designers to work their magic.

Lipstick Nails

Like the shape of a lipstick, these nails have straight sides, and the top is curved following a diagonal straight line. Easy to maintain, it does offer a cool shape for nail designs and can be strengthened using acrylics.
Whether you are looking for acrylic nails or a natural shape, there are various designs for you to choose from. The perfect nail shape is the best foundation for a fantastic nail design.

Acrylic Nails - Pictures

Korean Acrylic Nails
Photo: Korean Acrylic Nails
Acrylic Nails Stickers
Photo: Acrylic Nails Stickers
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